Hip Check DrillHave you ever been to a PGA Tour of LPGA Tour tournament and heard the sound the ball makes when leaving the professionals’ clubface? There is a pureness and a click, a flush sound of the ball compressing. You have hit those shots before where there is zero vibration and zero feel, it’s just flat perfect and keeps you coming back for more. Well, I am here to help you achieve that feel, sound and click more often.

There are three basic fundamentals to enjoy the game of golf that much more:

  1. Hit the ground in the same spot on each swing (controlling your low point)
  2. Understanding the path/face relationship for predictable curve and ball flight
  3. Generating enough speed to produce distance so you can play from the appropriate tees

If you can become consistent with the above three fundamentals, you will not only enjoy the game more, you will play even better.

What I generally see with students on the range, on the course and during in-bay lessons is that the three fundamentals listed above are what really hold students back from both their golf goals and golf potential. To get you started on the path to mastering these three fundamentals, we will start our focus on controlling the low point of the swing, or hitting the ball first then the ground. The Hip Check drill below will show you a great way to help your contact issues by using your body and weight correctly from address through impact. If you can’t visit your local Improvement Center to practice this drill with a swing fan, you can use a different object at home or on the range such as an old light weight golf bag, an empty tall trash can, or something that is hip height and light weight.

For another great drill to work on the low point of your swing, try the Business Card Drill. Be sure to subscribe to the GolfTEC Blog so you never miss a drill and talk to your local GolfTEC Coach to start playing better golf today!



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