Gears-technologyTiger Woods’ golf swing changes have always been a point of debate. Most recently, the debate has shifted to whether or not Tiger is using technology too much and becoming too technical when he plays golf.

In working for a company that is always on the cutting edge of technology in golf instruction, it is appropriate to look at how GolfTEC coaches use biofeedback to help students simplify their swings. The aim of my lessons as a coach is to make this as simple to execute as possible while developing proper swing technique and generating more acceptable golf shots. Lets look at a sample lesson and how I use technology to simplify the swing changes for the golfer.

In picture 1, the golfer is frustrated hitting the ball short of the green and slicing. Motion measurement tells us this is results mostly from low hip turn caused by restricting the bend in the trail knee. In picture 2, the golfer is practicing extending the trail leg and turning on a biofeedback beep, which signals the golfer when they have turned the minimum distance needed in their swing. In picture 3 we can see how beeps stop an over exaggeration by limiting too much turn. In this case, the golfer has gone beyond the parameters of the beep set by the coach and it will no longer light up.


After a few minutes of practicing, the golfer hits a few more shots attempting to recreate the feel of the “beep swing.” After the practice he hits a few more shots on to the green. The shots go the expected distance and curve slightly left.

This example of using technology increases the likelihood of the student hitting acceptable shots and their overall enjoyment of their next round of golf!

Talk to your local GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach to see how technology can help simplify your swing and make it easier to improve today!


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