Andy Hilts’ Chopstick Drill will get rid of your dreaded hand flip around the greens to help you get up and down more often!

By GolfTEC Digital

One of the most common issues for the average golfer is a combination of fat and thin shots around the green. Flubbed and skulled chip shots are often the result of the dreaded flip or scoop of the hands at impact. Scooping your hands in an attempt to help lift the ball off the ground can cause issues in all facets of your game, especially when trying to get up and down for par.

Wrist flip bad illustrationBy flipping your hands at impact, we change the way the golf club comes in contact with the ball. In the video below GolfTEC’s Vice President of Instruction & Education, Andy Hilts, shows how the leading edge of the wedge is elevated off the ground because of the club’s bounce. By scooping the hands, the bounce of the club becomes exaggerated and can cause those flubbed and skulled shots around the green. 

The Chopstick Drill

The Chopstick Drill promotes three distinct swing characteristics:

  1. Prevent the hands from flipping or scooping at impact
  2. Create more backspin, ball control, and a better divot pattern
  3. Develop forward shaft lean and control of the low point during the shot

The Chopstick Drill will help with your consistency and distance control around the greens. More spin control will allow you to attack pins and leave shorter par putts, lowering your scores for good.

Grab a chopstick and get to work!

Need help fixing your flip? Talk to a GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach about improving your game today


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