Do you remember the old Nike commercial with Tiger Woods bouncing the golf ball with his wedge and hitting it mid-bounce? Forget the fact that Tiger is a professional golfer for a moment and think about what it takes to pull off a trick or gimmick like this—concentration, hand-eye coordination and “good hands” are crucial. People still talk about how Seve Ballesteros had “incredible hands” on and around the green, meaning he had extreme control of his wrists and hands with his short game (and I’d argue all areas of his game exuded this type of control).

At GolfTEC, we like to have fun with all areas of golf, including looking the part of a good golfer and having a few little tricks and gimmicks ready to impress our friends on the course. But having fun with these tricks doesn’t mean we can’t improve our game a little bit as well. GolfTEC’s Vice President of Instruction & Education and PGA Master Professional Andy Hilts offers a few of these “tricks” around the green that not only will impress your buddies but also help you improve your hands in the video below:

If you are struggling with your golf game, GolfTEC can help! Learn about our golf lessons and find a local GolfTEC Coach to start playing the best golf of your life today.


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