By Brad Skupaka

GolfTEC Motion Measurement TechnologyFor the past 20 years, GolfTEC has used technology as a guiding platform to help students play better golf. Our proprietary 3D motion measurement system captures key data points from varying body movements throughout the swing. That data has yielded our Fact-Based instruction that’s led to almost 6 million golf lessons given, with a 96-percent success rate.

Often during lessons we compare students’ measurements against the same data averaged from over 250 tour pros to powerfully recognize pathways for efficient improvement. And with our soon-to-be-released study compiling and averaging GolfTEC’s incredibly vast collection of student data, we’ve further broken barriers in the ability to identify and prioritize methods for improvement by correlating specific tendencies to different levels of player. This allows us to precisely pinpoint common flaws and fixes, thus increasing our ability to maximize student improvement and ultimately make golf more fun!

An example of this is to take a look at one of the most highly correlated differences we’ve found between tour players and amateurs – the amount of lateral “sway” (movement toward or away from the target with the upper body and hips in relation to address) we see at the top of the backswing.

Simply stated, the more skilled the player is, the more their shoulders and hips tend to have moved toward the target at this point in the swing, and the less skilled the player is, the less they have moved toward the target.

As illustrated in the two figures below, you can see the better-player move in Figure 1, with 3.9 inches of movement toward the target with both the shoulders and hips, compared to less-skilled-player move in Figure 2, where the shoulders are 6.4 inches further away from the target than in Figure 1, and the hips 1.6 inches further away.

Sways in the golf swing
Figure 1                                                                                              Figure 2

What this means for your game

Obviously no two golfers swing exactly the same (and we’ll be showing you how true that is in the coming weeks when we release the study mentioned above). Which means that while we’ve long utilized tour player data as an instructional resource, your sways aren’t necessarily in a certain position just because you’re a 13 Handicap and research shows 13s tend to struggle with X.

What this DOES mean is that we’re able to more easily identify what can make you better, no matter how you swing, because our statistical data has proven averages of what works best and what doesn’t. While ideas like “motion measurement” and “sways” may seem daunting and even intimidating to comprehend for non-technically-minded players, our primary job at GolfTEC is to adapt to a student’s specific goals and learning styles. We keep things simple and tailor the information for how you learn best, however that may be.

So, be sure to talk to your local Certified Personal Coach who can help you with this further for an incredible golf season in 2016!


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