Maximize your practice by using feedback! Our series concludes with Aram Hudson’s explanation of the Line Up the Clubs Drill to promote the correct turning of the hips and shoulders. 

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By Aram Hudson

Who this drill is for: Those who struggle with fat and sliced golf shots because the hips laterally move too far away from the target in the backswing.

What you’ll need: Two golf clubs (any will do).

What it will help you accomplish: A more centered turning of the hips and shoulders to promote ball-first contact and a more inside-to-out path to eliminate slicing.

Centered turn for better contact and swing path

How to do it:

  1. Take your setup position and lay down the first club directly between the middle of your feet, with the club angled perpendicular to your target line.
  2. Take the second club and lay it across the line of your shoulders, holding with both hands to keep the club stable.
  3. Rehearse the motion of your swing over and over again, making sure your hips and shoulders laterally move more toward the target in the backswing. As you look down from the top of your backswing, the club on your shoulders should appear directly behind the club on the ground and parallel to it.
  4. Maintain the same feeling from this newly rehearsed motion as you hit shots with a more centered turn of the hips and shoulders.

Tip: You may now have the feeling of your right leg losing flex in the backswing more than it ever has. This is a good thing. Also, after rehearsing the motion many times without hitting shots (No. 3), start with smooth and slow swings when hitting balls to maintain the correct, more centered turning of the hips and shoulders throughout the swing.


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