Tackle your slice head-on with this simple drill to improve the bending of your wrists in the follow-through.

By Patrick Nuber

If you’re anything like the vast majority of the golfing public, you struggle with slicing the ball. While this is generally attributed to a few root causes, a great starting point to eliminate the slice is by improving how your wrists bend in the downswing and follow-through.

Let’s start by understanding the differences between a low handicap golfer who plays with a drawing ball flight and compare that with a high handicap golfer who struggles with a slice. Check out the comparison below that was featured on Golf Channel’s The Golf Fix:

If you’re looking to fix your slice, try this simple drill you can work on at home or at the range to start generating that illusive draw you’ve been working toward for years.

The Follow-Through Wrist Bend Drill

  1. Address the golf ball and take small, slow backswings while making sure the clubhead remains positioned inside of the handle (more toward your heels than the golf ball), and that the face of the club is pointing downward to the ground.Create a drawing ball flight drill
  2. Take a slow and controlled follow-through, keeping the clubhead outside of the handle (to the right for right-handed golfers). The key here is to keep the toe of the club pointing upward through to an abbreviated finish.
    Follow through to create drawing ball flight

As you continue to practice this drill and more shots start curving with a draw (a right-to-left ball flight for right-handers), progress to a faster tempo and eventually to a full swing. You’ll find this drill is very simple in nature, but a powerful exercise to change your ball flight. And you’ll likely gain more distance and control while you’re at it!


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