As featured on Golf Channel’s The Golf Fix, see how a simple swimming pool noodle can fix your slice and add distance.

By GolfTEC Digital

Part of an exclusive series of GolfTEC features on Golf Channel’s The Golf Fix and School of Golf, we see how GolfTEC student Gary added 27 yards to his 6-iron distance from a slight grip change and use of a swimming pool noodle as a visual aid for swing path.

As clearly shown in the before-and-after comparison, Gary’s ball flight, control and distance all improved by placing the noodle in a fashion that encourages him to swing on an “in-to-out” path instead of “out-to-in,” and to not get too vertical in the backswing. Some consistent work with this drill under his coach’s guidance helped Gary fix the key issues that now have him playing the best golf of his life!

Take a look at the feature and drill below, grab a noodle and talk to your local Certified Personal Coach who can help you start playing better golf today!

Golf Channel Feature

The Noodle Drill

1. Take any plain swimming pool noodle and cut it down to about an arm’s length. Place the noodle just outside of where your clubhead sits at address, with the inside of the arch facing toward you.

2. Take a slow and controlled backswing, making sure to trace the curvature of the noodle without displacing it. This will enable you to swing in to out, and forces your lead arm to extend toward the heel of your trail foot which helps keep the swing plane from becoming too vertical.

3. Pause at the top of your backswing to check your hand position and lead arm extension. Your hands should be directly above and in line with the heel of your trail foot, and the butt-end of the golf club should be pointed directly at the ball (if practicing without a ball it should point at the middle of the noodle). This will also promote a square clubface.

4. Swing through by again tracing the curvature of the noodle. This will promote an in-to-out swing path and create a drawing ball flight, adding distance and control to your game.

You’ll find this drill to be quite simple, but incredibly effective because of its powerful visual encouragement!


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