Finishing your swing correctly will help improve your path and consistency.

By GolfTEC Digital

In the first study of its kind, our SwingTRU Motion Study™ looks at key positions within the golf swing that correlate to a golfer’s handicap. In addition to the six positions we recently introduced with the study, we often see amateur and high-handicap golfers struggling with their finish position. This specifically occurs when the upper body isn’t tilted enough to the right (for a right-handed golfer), or tilted to the right for enough time through the duration of the follow-through.

Below is an example of the finish position we often find amateur golfers struggle with.

Bad Finish - Tilt Drill for Proper Finish Position

You might be thinking, “Why is the finish position important since I’ve already hit the golf ball?” A golfer’s finish position impacts a variety of aspects of the golf swing and can cause numerous problems, including:

  1. Shifting the swing path left of the target line, resulting in an outside-to-in golf swing and slicing ball flight.
  2. An inconsistent low-point in the swing arc, causing problems at contact such as fat and thin shots.
  3. An overactive trail foot that is turned too much, creating multiple problems we won’t get into with this drill.

So, how can amateur golfers tilt the right amount and for the right amount of time, thereby improving their finish position to avoid a variety of other swing issues?

GolfTEC’s Patrick Nuber explains the Tilt Drill for a Proper Finish Position in the video below:


  1. Very good. I happen to be working on this at the moment as well as my one major swing thought, “Spin Angle”… keeping it intact through-out the swing and this seems, for the time being, to be improving my ball striking

    My coach is Matt Carrothers in North Vancouver, BC… The best coach ever

  2. Hi Patrick,
    Since you told me at my last lesson that I would not make progress in my swing until I changed my path, I have been working on that and this drill is a good one. I continue to slip into old habits and don’t keep my right should down. But when it works it works well and I score in the mid 80’s.
    Hope all is well with you!!
    Sandy Sanderson,

  3. Your Driills & Tips Are Amazing Cheers I Toast 2 You Darryl Plus 4 Golfer from Baltimore Md 5,26,2016 At 8:44 P.M.


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