GolfTEC CEO Joe Assell tells how his life as an assistant golf professional turned into becoming CEO of the world leader in golf instruction

By GolfTEC Digital

Working as an assistant golf professional at Cherry Hills Country Club in 1995, Joe Assell, took a leap of faith in golf instruction based around technology and an up-and-coming phenomena — the internet — and built what was to become the world’s largest golf instruction company in GolfTEC.

Now over 20 years and 200 Improvement Centers later, Joe chronicles his incredible transformation from golf pro to CEO in this latest Cup of Joe, as well as the premise behind GolfTEC’s growth over the years and how our mission of helping people play better golf also helps in the cause to grow the game.

Watch his intriguing story in the short video below:

Golf Pro to CEO: Joe Assell


  1. Role out of “club house” is a disaster. no one knows anything about it.
    it does less than paler performance center.

    It is a disaster; worse because Golftec has been a leader in golf improvement (better golf is more fun) and technology.

    People on the phones don’t know anything; My pro doesn’t know anything.

    Club house role out is a disaster!.

    • Hi Maureen,

      Thanks for your comment, we’re still in the testing stage for Clubhouse and feedback like yours is very much appreciated. If you could please email me at and give us a little more detail of what you like/disklike about Clubhouse, that would be extremely helpful. Also, the Players Performance Center is still active, so you can still visit that site as you normally would.




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