Create faster swing speeds by extending your lead elbow with Andy Hilts’ Push It Out Drill

By GolfTEC Digital

A simple and repeatable golf swing is key to playing better golf. At GolfTEC, we’ve analyzed millions of golf swings, and a common factor for inconsistent contact and slow swing speed is a broken-down lead elbow. You’ve probably heard of this bent lead elbow as a “chicken wing,” and it could be hindering your game. By maintaining a straighter lead arm throughout the swing, you can eliminate this extra lever and create faster swing speeds, while improving your ball striking consistency. Push it out extended elbow

GolfTEC’s Vice President of Instruction & Education and PGA Master Professional, Andy Hilts, has an easy drill that can be practiced on the range, at the office, or even at home. Simply push the lead elbow out at the top of the backswing to simulate the feeling of an extended lead arm. Before you know it, you’ll be swinging the club at a higher speed and delivering consistent contact on every shot.

Take a look at what Andy has to say below: 

The Push It Out Drill



  1. Great tip, but the article says to push the lead elbow out but the video correctly noted that one must push the hands out. Was confused by the elbow reference!


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