Meet GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach, Andrew Dodson, our June Coach of the Month!

By GolfTEC Digital

Every month on the GolfTEC Scramble, we highlight one of our outstanding Certified Personal Coaches around the world. We find instructional excellence at all of our locations, and in May we introduced you Andrew Dodson Coach of the Month Mugto GolfTEC Lake Forest Coach, Katie Finney.

Now, we’re proud to announce GolfTEC Novi’s Andrew Dodson as our June Coach of the Month.

A Michigan native, Andrew is a Class-A PGA Professional and a graduate of Ferris State University’s PGM program. Coach Dodson started with GolfTEC in October 2013, and has taught over 4,000 lessons since. Check out what he had to say about his first three years with GolfTEC!

GolfTEC Coach of the Month: Andrew Dodson, GolfTEC Novi

What drove you to become a GolfTEC Coach?

First and foremost is my love for the game. As soon as I started playing I knew I wanted to do something within the sport of golf. Choosing to focus on teaching comes from the gratification I get from seeing my students improve, because I know just how frustrating it can be in this game sometimes.

What is the most important thing you have learned as a golf instructor?

I’ve learned there isn’t a perfect golf swing. There are many ways to get the job done, and learning a student’s abilities and goals is important before making any swing changes. From there, it’s only about changing a few specific things that are necessary.

“[While] working with Andrew and GolfTEC, my game has seen vast improvement and with continued work I believe I can improve well past my original goals!”
– GolfTEC Novi student, Kerry E.

What is your most memorable moment as a golf instructor?

No particular moment sticks out, but I would say anytime a student comes in after they’ve shot a great round is exciting and memorable. Seeing the joy of their face is such a cool feeling.

How about your biggest student success story?

I started with a student in the fall of 2015 who came to me hitting a big slice and shooting around 120. Over the winter and spring, we worked on all parts of his game — especially the slice. He came in the other day with a big smile on his face and told me he had just shot 95, his career-best round by far. He says he’s having more fun playing golf that he ever could have imagined.

GolfTEC Coach of the Month Andrew Dodson Bay

What is the biggest advantage for you teaching at GolfTEC compared to anywhere else?

The biggest advantage is g-SWING — the motion analysis technology we use at GolfTEC. g-SWING makes lessons easier and more efficient for both me and my students as I’m able to quantify exactly what the body is doing during every part of the golf swing and show how it directly affects ball flight.

Check back in soon to see Andrew’s follow-up instructional piece. Earlier this month, our May COTM Katie Finney provided us with her simple, yet effective Book Drill, which can dramatically improve how your wrists bend in the swing. 


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