Golf Channel’s Damon Hack interviews GolfTEC’s Nick Clearwater on Morning Drive about GOLFTEC’s SwingTRU Motion Study

By GolfTEC Digital

The news of GOLFTEC’s SwingTRU Motion Study has made its way around the golf community since launching in April, and the biggest data-driven study of its kind was again on full display Tuesday with Golf Channel’s hit series, Morning Drive.

Representing motion measurement data taken from over 20 years of instruction, the SwingTRU Motion Study analyzed over 13,000 golfers and 48 different body positions, ultimately identifying key movements within the swing that directly correlate to a player’s handicap. Six of these positions have been highlighted for purposes of the perpetual study’s initial launch.

Being the first study of its kind, SwingTRU has garnered a lot of attention from national media outlets, and can be seen on sites like and Yahoo Finance. In its most recent spotlight above, Golf Channel’s Damon Hack talks with GOLFTEC’s Director of Teaching Quality, Nick Clearwater, to discover just what “SwingTRU” is, what it means for the future of golf instruction, and most importantly, the benefits provided to every golfer looking to improve their golf game. 


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