GolfTEC Coach Ryan Husted helps his junior student, Jimmy, make varsity with this simple drill as seen on Golf Channel’s School of Golf.

By GolfTEC Digital

As part of our exclusive series of GolfTEC features on Golf Channel’s The Golf Fix and School of Golf, GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach Ryan Husted helps his junior golf student, Jimmy, make his high school varsity golf team with the help of an extended club.

Like many uber-flexible juniors, Jimmy’s over-rotation led to his club and arms getting too long and well out of ideal position at the top of the swing, causing an outside-to-in swing path and inconsistent ball striking. But after some work with The Extended Club Drill and great visual feedback through Coach Ryan and GolfTEC’s Motion Measurement technology, Jimmy learned to control his rotation and get his arms and club in a much better position. Not only did this result in a lot more consistency with his ball-striking, but he turned his slice into a draw and added almost 30 yards of distance with his 7-iron!

Check out the two-minute video below, and talk to your local GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach who can help you start playing better golf today!

As seen on Golf Channel:

The Extended Club Drill

1.  As you can see in these before images with Jimmy, his excessive hip turn caused his right elbow to get too high at the top of the backswing, with the club pointing too far across (to the right of) the target line.

Over-rotated Hips Top of BackswingOver-rotated Hips Right Elbow Top of Bacskwing

2.  By taking slow practice backswings with the extended club, as shown below, Jimmy was able to receive visual feedback and limit his hip turn to get his arms and club in a more desirable “down-the-target-line” position.

Extended Club Drill target line

3.  We also see that his right elbow is now pointing more downward than previously, his left elbow is slightly higher than the right, and both elbows are closer to each other.

Extended Club Drill Elbow Position

4.  Consistent practice with this drill helped Jimmy to not only limit his hip turn and get the club in a much better position at the top of the backswing, but also added a lot of distance and consistency to his ball striking!

Extended Club Drill Controlled Hips

Extended Club Drill added yardage

For more drills like this, check out the GolfTEC Scramble daily or find a GolfTEC Improvement Center near you to start playing better golf today!


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