Golf Club Fitting: We discuss basic golf shaft terms and traits geared for different players

By GolfTEC Digital

You may even kick some of these terms around on the first tee like you invented the lingo:

“Yeah, this new shaft in my driver has a high kick point, low torque and a heavier, 80-gram shaft which really helps me. It’s the same shaft Jason Day uses on the PGA Tour.”

But, do you really know what the shaft’s “kick point” and “torque” are, and how its heavier weight would help? More importantly, do you even know why this extremely stout shaft you just spent $300 on — a real, “man’s man” shaft — is the right one for you and your golf swing? 

When it comes to fitting golf clubs properly for your swing and the traits of your driver shaft, it helps to first understand terms like kick point and torque, and how varying characteristics affect the golfer swinging them.

So, GolfTEC’s Director of Club Fitting and Merchandise, Dave Pauley, and Jon Levy are back with a quick overview of golf shaft basics — let’s call it Golf Shafts 101 — to discuss which types of shafts may be geared toward you and your golf swing.

Check out the two-minute video to finally know your stuff when it comes to golf equipment and club fitting:


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