Meet our July Coach of the Month, Chad Powell of GolfTEC Las Colinas

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Our GolfTEC Coaches strive to help golfers find improvement and enjoy the game. Each month we highlight one who goes above and beyond for his or her students. and last month we introduced GolfTEC Novi Coach of the Month, Andrew Dodson. We’re back again in July with another outstanding instructor, GolfTEC Las Colinas Certified Personal Coach and Director of Instruction, Chad Powell. GolfTEC COTM Chad Powell

An avid competitor in his local PGA Section events, Powell was a standout high school golfer before playing collegiate golf at Temple Junior College. In just two years at GolfTEC, he’s taught over 2,000 golf lessons to students of all abilities, and it’s through his hard work, passion for the game and dedication to helping his students play better golf, that Powell is well deserving of being named our July Coach of the Month.

See what Powell had to say about his experience as a GolfTEC Coach in the short Q&A below.

GolfTEC July Coach of the Month: Chad Powell

What drove you to become a GolfTEC Coach?

I think we all get into the business because we enjoy playing golf and you always want to get better! Over the years I’ve always strived at becoming a better player, so I’ve learned a lot about the golf swing and how it works. As I look around at other golfers, I see people struggling more than hitting good shots — so much so that some leave the game because it isn’t very enjoyable. As a PGA member, one of my jobs is to help grow the game. I’ve found that keeping people playing golf is just as important as helping them play better. I also know the two go hand in hand, so helping my students achieve their goals not only makes the game more fun but also keeps them coming back and playing more. And that’s ultimately why I love coming to work everyday.

 “I came to Chad frustrated with my game. I had a pull shot that led to weak pull fades, and couldn’t start the ball at the target without it fading.  Chad helped me understand why this was happening, and walked me through how we could fix it. I had spent thousands of dollars on lessons and equipment before coming to Chad and GolfTEC, but was never able to fix it until I heard some different things from him that I hadn’t heard anywhere else. Not only am I hitting the ball farther now, but the pull fades have turned in to a consistent push draw. My misses are way better, and I am finally starting to beat my buddies again.”
– GolfTEC Las Colinas student, Cody

What is the most important thing you’ve learned as as golf instructor?

One of the biggest is understanding cause and effect in the golf swing, and working on things in the right sequence. For instance, it’s not about just fixing a “chicken wing,” it’s about learning the cause of the chicken wing and working from there. Because sometimes that chicken wing move is a compensation for something else, and if you fix only the “effect” part of the equation, you’re catching just part of story and not doing the golfer any justice in truly improving. I also think video feedback and motion measurement helps so much to get to the root cause much faster, and clearly illustrate the path to improvement. The combination of two make golf instruction much easier, and much more beneficial to my students.

GolfTEC Coach of the Month

What is your most memorable moment as a golf instructor?

One of my more memorable moments I can also call a success story. I was working with a junior for several years, starting with him when he was in middle school. He could barely get the ball off of the ground when we started, but he steadily progressed over the years and the day he earned a spot on his college team was a proud and unforgettable moment for me.

What is your biggest student success story?

One of my biggest success stories is helping a client win a local mini-tour event. He came in to GolfTEC a good player, but with a few adjustments to his backswing he became more consistent and confident, and the results showed when it counted the most.

What is the biggest advantage for you teaching at GolfTEC compared to anywhere else?

GolfTEC’s ability to provide instant feedback and fact-based information. In order to help a student get better, they have to make changes. In order to make changes effectively and efficiently, you need measurable data and we do that better than anyone.

Check back soon to see Chad’s follow-up instructional piece. Earlier this month, our June COTM Andrew Dodson brought us two drills to improve balance in your golf swing.

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