Create controlled, consistent feel on the greens with this simple putting drill 

By GolfTEC Digital

If there’s one facet of the game where golfers of all abilities can shave strokes from their card, it’s putting. Excellent lag putting and distance control is key to scoring low. After all, what good is a 300-yard drive if it takes three putts to hole out?Putting drill speed reverse ladder article

But learning how to maintain consistent feel and distance control can be frustrating. Especially if that lack of confidence is leading to a bunch of three-putts.

While many putting drills can be gimmicky and full of training aids, Patrick Nuber’s Reverse Ladder Putting Drill is an effective way to start your path toward owning that silky, Ben Crenshaw-like touch on every type of putting surface imaginable. And the best part of this putting drill? You don’t even need a hole on the practice green to perform it, so it’s perfect for those overly-crowded Sundays at the course.

The Reverse Ladder Putting Drill

What you’ll need:putting drill ladder equipment

  • Putter
  • 5-10 golf balls
  • Ball marker

How to practice:

  • Find a reasonably flat putting surface
  • Pace out a distance between 24-30 feet, then place a ball marker at that point
  • Hit your first putt as close to the marker as possible
  • Hit your second putt 1-2 feet short of the first putt
  • Subsequently hit the remaining putts 1-2 feet short of the previous one


The goal is to maintain distance control and an overall “feel” for distance from any point on the green. If you find yourself struggling to create this pattern consistently, leaving putts overly short or long, try this drill from a shorter distance and work your way back to develop your tuned-in feel.

If you’re looking for more ways to improve your game, contact your local GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach today!


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