As seen on Golf Channel’s The Golf Fix, this drill will help your shoulder turn and tilt

By GolfTEC Digital

As part of our groundbreaking SwingTRU Motion Study and an exclusive series with Golf Channel’s The Golf Fix and School of Golf, we’re continuing to push swing analysis and fact-driven lessons further than ever.

For example, we know exactly how the tilt and turn of the shoulders directly correlate to a successful, repeatable golf swing. In the backswing, we know Tour players turn their shoulders away, or closed, from the target an average of 89 degrees. They also tilt their shoulders to the left (for right-handed players) an average of 36 degrees, compared to the 30-handicap golfer who doesn’t turn their shoulders as much, and only tilts 25 degrees to the left.

Simply explained, the increased shoulder turn and tilt of the better player plays a big role in creating more clubhead speed, while promoting a desirable inside-to-outside swing path.

Shoulder Turn SwingTRU

As featured on The Golf Fix, GolfTEC’s Andy Hilts provides the Staggered Stance Drill to help increase your shoulder turn and tilt. So, take a look below, as this simple drill will help maximize your swing speed for a longer, more consistent shot shape!

Increase shoulder turn and tilt with the Staggered Stance Drill

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