Try Patrick Nuber’s Sidearm Pitches Drill to fix the over-the-top move you can’t shake

By GolfTEC Digital

If you play the game of golf with any level of frequency, chances are you probably enjoy watching the world’s best compete on TV. But, it can be equally frustrating to watch these players hit solid, drawing golf shots with ease, when your own over-the-top move hinders your ability to do that and makes you think of these players as nothing less than superhuman.

Well, GolfTEC’s Patrick Nuber is here with a drill to help. By practicing a similar move to the sidearm pitching method in baseball, Nuber explains how to eliminate a premature straightening of the trail arm in the downswing — otherwise known as the “over-the-top” move — by learning how to properly move your trail arm and elbow as you approach the ball.Sidearm Pitches over the top no wrist release

This move, combined with maintaining the angle of your trail wrist instead of “releasing” it over, will help you to finally start hitting those drawing golf shots you’ve always dreamed of.

We recently chronicled a related drill with Andy Hilts’ Push It Out Drill to battle the dreaded “chicken wing,” so take a look the Sidearm Pitches Drill below as another effective measure to remove the over-the-top move and improve your ball striking.

Sidearm Pitches to eliminate the “over-the-top” golf swing



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