Can’t translate your golf lessons to the course? GolfTEC Coaches and students give their take

By Jon Levy

No doubt about it, it can be more than a little exciting when you finally dial in the swing you’ve been working so hard to master with your coach.

But, it can also be more than a little frustrating when you step out on the course and, all of a sudden, your old swing reappears. Or, even worse, some combination of the new and old move, which yields what we can just call “adventure golf,” to be kind.

Golf lessons to the course articleSo, how should you overcome this?

Focus on the same move you’ve been working on until you get it down, no matter how many golf balls you lose out there? Throw out everything new all together, conceding yourself back to your old swing in its entirety? Or just think target, with no clue as to what kind of swing you’re making at all?

Yes, it can sure get confusing when it comes to taking your lessons to the golf course. It can even make you question everything you’ve been trying to do. But, you’re not alone in this dichotomy-plagued abyss, so hold those negative thoughts until you see how others like you do take it to the first tee with success.

As a sponsor of the Colorado Open this summer, I had a chance to ask a few of our GolfTEC Coaches and students this exact question, and what they had to say may just give a little more confidence the next time you step on the course after that lesson of yours.

Watch the short video on the matter below:

Video: Take your golf lessons to the course

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