The 9-Point Game: Turn mindless putting practice into improved putting speed control

By GolfTEC Digital

It’s one thing zone out when you’re watching golf on TV on the weekend. After all, who doesn’t love to do that a golf fan.

But, when it comes to your own golf game — and time spent on the range and putting green in an effort improve — mindless practice can make the hours you spend out there utterly meaningless. It’s instead a much more efficient use of your time, and benefit to your game, to bring in as many “real golf” and competitive elements to your practice as possible.

This idea applies as much on the putting green as any other area of practice. So, GolfTEC’s Patrick Nuber is here with the 9-Point Game, which will not only help your speed control and overall feel for the greens, but add some focused fun to your routine the next time you head out to a hit a few putts.

Take a look at video below and add the 9-Point Game to your practice putting regimen today!

VIDEO: Putting Drill — The 9-Point Game

The 9-Point Game:

What you’ll need:

  • A dedicated hole on the practice green
  • Your putter and a wedge
  • Four tees
  • Six golf balls

How to play:

  1. Select a putt from distances of 6, 12 or 24 feet, or use any combination of the three
  2. Build your “scoring area” by placing a tee at the end of where your wedge rests when laid down, perpendicular to the line of your putt.
  3. Do this on both sides. Then lay the wedge down from each tee on the same line as your putt to the area behind the hole, and place two tees there as well. This will create your scoring area — a virtual box you will aim to keep each putt within.
  4. Scoring: A putt that comes to rest within the scoring area is counted as 1 point. A holed putt is worth 3 points. Any putt that comes to rest outside of the scoring area will reset your score back to 0.
  5. The goal is to reach 9 points. You can vary the challenge by extending or shortening the distance of your putts, and play alone or against another player to make things even more competitive.


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