Proper arm motion at the top of the swing is key. Here’s how a range basket can help

By GolfTEC Digital

Top of swing arm motionAt GolfTEC, we have no shortage of drills to help you play your best golf. In the past we’ve incorporated everything from hitting a baseball to swinging in ice hockey skates. This time we’re going to use that half-full range basket sitting next to your bag, but in a different way than you think.

Why a range basket? Simulating your backswing with it can provide the perfect example for proper arm, elbow, and wrist movement at the top of the swing.

The best swings tend to have full extension in the lead arm at the top, coupled with a slightly bent trail elbow and proper wrist hinge. All three components factor in together to create a smooth, repeatable swing that produces the ball flight we all strive for.

As GolfTEC’s Patrick Nuber explains with his Range Basket Drill, simulating your backswing with a half-full range basket — without even hitting one ball inside of it — can go a long way toward helping you achieve these movements and improve your ball striking. Check out the video below …

VIDEO: Use a range basket to simulate proper arm motion

Range Basket Drill for backswing arm motion

1. Grab a half-full range basket on either side with both hands and take your golf posture.
(top-left image below)

Slowly start your takeaway, and when your arms are at a 45-degree angle to the ground away from the target, the basket should be pointed up and away from your body.
(top-right image below)

If the basket is pointing toward you at this point, your elbows may be bending too much!

2. As your backswing continues to the point where your lead arm is parallel to the ground, the balls in the basket should start to fall out behind you as your arms rotate into completion of your backswing.
(bottom image)

Note: When done correctly, this promotes your lead arm to remain fairly straight while your trail arm bends slightly, as well as helping your wrists to get into a good, powerful position at the top of the backswing.

3. Repeat these slow, smooth swings while noticing the key positions multiple times, and then hit shots trying to feel the same thing.

As you continue to go back and forth between the drill and the real thing, you’ll start engraining the correct movements into your swing and start swinging the club to the perfect top position in no time!

arm motion range basket drill sequence

Not sure if this drill is right for you? Find a GolfTEC near you and talk to a Coach who can help today!

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