We hit Facebook Live with a Coach and student to see what a GolfTEC lesson looks like

By GolfTEC Digital

What a GolfTEC lesson looks like - button boxGolfTEC conducted its first Facebook Live video this week, and what better way to break the seal than providing a peek into what a GolfTEC lesson looks like?

Hosted by GolfTEC’s Senior Director of Teaching Quality, Nick Clearwater, we met Coach Patrick Nuber and his student, Brent, who have been working together for about two years. As the group discusses, we learn how Patrick and Brent utilize GolfTEC’s proprietary motion measurement and video feedback technology, and just exactly how Brent will achieve his goals of improvement.

But enough from us on the subject — whether you’ve never been inside of a GolfTEC or are a current student curious how other GolfTEC students and Coaches work together, check out our Facebook Live session and stay tuned for more live videos coming soon! And be sure to also share this with your golfing buddies who could use the help! 

Video: What a GolfTEC lesson looks like

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