Golf Lesson Series: We talk myth vs. reality with the finish position, and give tips to help yours

By GolfTEC Digital

Our most recent Golf Lesson Series video featured Nick Clearwater showing us how to play the “low stinger” shot that Tiger Woods made so famous. It’s a cool and useful shot that he, and many other of the world’s best players, execute with proficiency to get the ball in play from the tee when they need it most.

That shot, like many other impressive shots the best golfers hit, is pulled off by solid fundamentals that allow supreme control over contact and trajectory.

As easy as the pros make it look, though, many “normal” golfers struggle with their ball striking because they often misunderstand the fundamentals of the game. Because, as GolfTEC’s SwingTRU Motion Study has factually proven, the core fundamentals these golfers employ are often different in reality than what has been commonly understood and taught for years.

It’s a big pill to swallow, we know. Which is why one of our masterminds behind the study itself, GolfTEC’s Senior Director of Teaching Quality, Nick Clearwater, is back on the range with Jon Levy to discuss a key element of SwingTRU’s findings: how the shoulders bend in the finish position.

So, take a look at their video below, and be sure to watch for the key checkpoints Clearwater provides to ensure you’ll have the ideal shoulder bend in your finish position.

VIDEO — Golf Lesson Series: Finish position myth vs. reality

Shoulder bend in the finish position — key checkpoints

Create the perfect finish position by feeling that your:

  1. Arms remain fairly straight
  2. Legs also remain fairly straight, with your hips positioned tall, or high
  3. Weight is on your forward leg, with a slight backward bend in your upper torso

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