Golf Basics: Use these checkpoints for a proper pitch shot setup every time

By GolfTEC Digital

Knowing how to step up and execute every shot on the golf course starts with your address position.

That said, it’s one thing to learn a proper setup on a full shot, but what about that finicky pitch shot around the green? It can get confusing to keep up with all of golf’s little nuances – especially when it comes to the short game – which can easily translate into chunked or skulled pitches if your setup isn’t on point.

So, GolfTEC Director of Teaching Quality, Patrick Nuber, is here with a simple approach to properly address the pitch shot and rid your game of those unexpected duffs and out-of-control screamers. As he illustrates with four checkpoints, these easy-to-repeat keys will serve as a basic guide to help you start saving more pars in no time.

Check out the video below:

VIDEO: Pitch shot address basics

Use these four key checkpoints for a proper pitch shot setup position
  1. Stance width
    • More narrow than a full-shot setup, with your feet about hip-width apart
  2. Weight distribution
    • Distributed evenly to slightly forward on the lead foot
  3. Ball position
    • Middle of stance
  4. Handle location
    • Directly over the ball to slightly forward toward the lead hip

pitch shot address golf basics

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