Best of 2016: The top five short game tips appearing on the GolfTEC Scramble this year

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Make no bones about it, 2016 saw a lot of incredible instruction appear on the GolfTEC Scramble. So, as the year comes to a close, we’re highlighting the best of the best with our top five articles this year in a multitude of categories.

To kick things off: The top five short game tips of 2016 on the GolfTEC Scramble …

Best of 2016: Top 5 short game tips

5. The Automatic 3-Foot Putt Drill

If you only use your alignment rods on the practice range, you’re missing a huge value they can provide to help you dial in those 3-footers on the putting green. If you don’t own alignment rods, this drill is a good reason to get some. If you don’t know what alignment rods are, well, even more reason why Patrick Nuber’s Automatic 3-Foot Putt Drill can help your golf game.

4.  Handle deep rough with confidence!

Open Club Face Rough

There’s nothing worse than when you find your ball COMPLETELY BURIED in the deepest rough you’ve ever seen. And never mind you’ve got virtually no green to work with, while targeting a tucked pin worthy of a PGA Tour Sunday. But just wait a moment before thinking that foot wedge is your only way to get it out of the thick stuff, because James Standhardt has four keys to gain more confidence during these rough moments.

3.  Add spin with a setup change

Tired of those out-of-control screamers with simple chips and pitch shots around the green? The problem could be your setup, so check out Brad Skupaka’s recommended setup change to immediately help on these shots.

2.  The Up & Down Game

It’s great you put the effort in to practice your short game – that’s already leaps and bounds ahead of most golfers. But if you just mindlessly machine-gun through the shag bag and don’t emulate the real thing when you practice, you’re likely missing out on the full effectiveness of your extra-curricular greenside efforts. Patrick Nuber explains with the Up & Down Game.

1.  Bunker Line Exercise

Our top short game tip of 2016 illustrates an easy way to help you become a better bunker player, which starts by drawing a few lines in the sand. Yes, we know we often say our tips and drills provide “easy” ways to improve, but if you’re one whose score is virtually ruined as soon as the ball lands in a bunker, you NEED to watch Patrick Nuber’s awesome – and, yes, easy – tip to make sense of your bunker game.


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