Our list of the hottest golf clubs for that golfer on your 2016 holiday gift list!

By GolfTEC Digital

If you’re researching golf clubs to purchase during the holidays this year, look no further because GolfTEC’s 2016 Holiday Golf Equipment Buyer’s Guide is here!

We’ve highlighted some of the year’s most popular and best performing golf clubs, while breaking down key features and who the clubs are geared toward. So take a look at the guide below, and be sure to also check out our special holiday TECfit offer to ensure the perfect fit before we order your golf clubs!

Featured 2016 Holiday Golf Equipment

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Big Bertha Fusion driver

Key Features & Benefits: 

  • Callaway’s most forgiving driver ever
  • Lighter head & shaft for more speed
  • Longer headshape for speed & forgiveness
  • Increased draw bias to counteract a slice
  • Available in 44.5” & 45.5″
  • Retails at $399.99

Bottom Line: A super forgiving driver with high ball speeds across the face.
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Callaway XR16 driverCallaway XR driver

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Boeing helped create a more aerodynamic head for speed
  • Larger shape + lower CG for more forgiveness on entire face
  • R-Moto face that’s 19% thinner & lighter for more ball speed
  • Retails at $349.99

Bottom Line: ‘Forgiveness Meets Fast’ is real. Great for beginners to pros, and popular with tour players.

Mizuno JPX 900 driver

Mizuno JPX900 driverKey Features: 

  • Mizuno’s first independent design for each club in wood/hybrid in the line
  • Multi thickness face enhances ball speeds across entire clubface
  • Multiple adjustments for draw/fade bias and 4 degrees of loft
  • Premium Fujikura Speeder Evolution 2 as standard shaft
  • Retails at $499.99

Bottom Line: Best-in-class performance in an option to the best-sellers.
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TaylorMade M1 driver

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Titanium & 7-layer carbon combination creates unmatched distance
  • T-Track system adjusts CG & draw/fade bias
  • Loft sleeve adjusts 12 different positions & up to 4 degrees of loft
  • 460 & 430cc heads complete adjustability for every golfer out there
  • Retails at $399.99

Bottom Line:  The beacon of adjustable drivers – as good as it gets when dialed in properly.
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TaylorMade M2 driver

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Engineered to protect ball speed & increase sweet spot
  • Redesigned Speed Pocket increases MOI across entire face
  • Multi-material carbon composite crown saves weight & lowers CG
  • Retails at $399.99

Bottom Line:  Less adjustable than M1, but more forgiving – ideal for any golfer and more popular on Tour than even TaylorMade predicted.
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Ping G driver2016 PING G Driver

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 37% decrease in drag gives 3-4 more yards of carry distance
  • New Vortec technology stabilizes clubhead for more speed
  • New Dragonfly technology saves crown weight to optimize CG & MOI
  • Retails at $399.99

Bottom Line:  Great feel, easy to hit & goes a long way. A worthy follow-up to their popular G-30 from 2014.
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Ping G LS Tec driverPing G LS Tec driver

Key Features & Benefits:

  • LS Tec = Low-Spin Technology
  • High-launch-angle-to-spin ratio from low CG more forward than the G
  • Trajectory Tuning 2.0 technology allows for +/- 2 degrees of loft
  • Retails at $399.99

Bottom Line:  All the benefits of the G driver, rolled into an option for high speed/spin players.

Ping G SF Tec driverPing G SF Tec driver

Key Features & Benefits:

  • SF Tec = Straight-Flight Technology
  • Weight positioned closer to the heel for right-to-left shot bend
  • Higher loft options offered than with other G models
  • Retails at $399.99

Bottom Line:  All of the benefits of the G driver, built into a draw bias head.

Additional Featured Golf Equipment at GolfTEC

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