Use this simple setup key to eliminate fat and thin shots, and create solid, ball-first contact

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Setup position - ball-first contactIf you’re a golfer who tends to hit shots fat or thin, this means – simply put – the lowest point of your swing arc occurs either too far behind or ahead of the golf ball at impact.

A simple enough notion to understand, learning the appropriate measures to fix these common ball-striking ailments can often lead to confusion and frustration. That’s why GolfTEC’s Brad Skupaka offers an exercise in the video below to learn where your body should be positioned in relation to the golf ball in the address position.

As he explains, many golfers who struggle with low point issues can be helped by altering their body position at address to more naturally encourage the low point to occur slightly ahead of the ball. This is key ingredient to that solid, ball-first contact we all desire. 

Golf Basics: Address position ball drop - ball-first contact

The Address Position Low Point Exercise is simple: Set up to a golf ball and drop another ball from your lead shoulder onto the ground. It should ideally hit roughly 3 inches ahead of the ball you’re set up to in relation to the direction of the target.

If the ball instead drops farther back, closer to your trail foot, you may be helped by moving your shoulders at address farther forward toward the target. If the ball conversely drops more than 3 inches ahead of the ball you’re set up to, closer to your lead foot, you may be helped by positioning your shoulders farther back away from the target.

It should be noted this idea isn’t meant to be a cure-all for golfers who struggle with fat or thin shots. It’s rather a guideline to provide the proper ingredients for success before you ever draw back the club and make a swing.

So, check out Skupaka’s simple setup key with that in mind, and create the ideal low point position in your setup to encourage the solid, ball-first contact you’ve always wanted!

VIDEO: A setup key for solid contact

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