Know the laws of golf ball flight? Take our quiz to find out, and see how it can help your game

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If you haven’t seen our comprehensive article on the laws of golf ball flight – if you’re serious about your game and becoming a better player – you should take a look. Now.

Quiz: Laws of golf ball flightBecause the idea of how and why the golf ball flies the way it does is a complex topic, to say the least. So much so, that until technology in recent years has factually proven the cause-and-effect relationship of ball flight, previous thoughts on the matter were found to be almost completely wrong.

That’s a big deal when the collective whole of a sport teaches and learns under the premise of incorrect ideas.

This means that what you may have thought for years about the golf swing – and your swing – could be way off the mark, and that your outdated thoughts could be working against your efforts to improve instead of helping.

So, again, if you haven’t read our piece on the laws of golf ball flight – HERE YOU GO. 

QUIZ: Test your knowledge of the laws of golf ball flight

Now that you’re familiar with our knowledge-drop on golf ball flight laws, let’s put your comprehension of these ideas to the test.

Take our short quiz on the laws of golf ball flight below to ensure you know what creates your push draws from pull slices, and where you should start looking in your swing to improve it!

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