Poor leg movement in the swing can rob you of distance. This follow-through exercise can help

By GolfTEC Digital

Balance in the golf swing finish poseIt seems unfair how easy Tour players can make the game look.

Especially in the finish position, where these elite players seem so balanced and athletic while many of us look ready to fall from a high wire.

But while it may seem like a secret formula great players are hiding from the rest of us, just a basic understanding of what creates their money-making poses can go a long way to improve yours.

One key helping good ball strikers in this manner is how their legs move throughout the downswing and follow-through – namely that many who struggle with ball striking often keep their knees too flexed, or even increase in flex, instead of straightening their legs into the finish which is what we often see with the best players.

So, GolfTEC’s Brad Skupaka is here with an exercise to promote an improved action of leg movement, which can help take your high-wire act elsewhere and get you finishing like a pro! Check out his Follow-Through Knee Flex Exercise in the video below, where he illustrates this basic principle to repattern how your knees move in the downswing and follow-through.

The result, with some practice to straighten your legs more and finish with more weight over your lead leg, will be that picture-perfect finish pose you’ve always wanted.

VIDEO: The Follow-Through Knee Flex Exercise


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