We talk with Sean Toulon of Odyssey Golf and Toulon Design while at Callaway Headquarters

By Jon Levy

Sean Toulon of Odyssey Golf and Toulon Design
Odyssey Golf GM, Sean Toulon

It can be nothing short of an infectious, uplifting experience when you talk with someone who legitimately loves their job.

Enter Odyssey Golf GM and master putter designer, Sean Toulon.

Highlighted in the short video below, GOLFTEC’s Dave Pauley and I had a chance to pick the brain of this true industry leader when we toured Callaway Golf Headquarters with Amanda Balionis.

As we discuss, Toulon – whose signature line of high-end creations are filling store shelves as we speak – so poignantly expresses just how much goes into putter design that many don’t realize.

Toulon and Callaway/Odyssey should know, after all, because Odyssey Golf is the number one putter brand in the world. And with Toulon Design – a brand within a brand aiming to rival (dare it be said) premium category leader, Scotty Cameron – they cover all angles of ingenuity and true putter craftsmanship.

So take a look at what this thought leader in putter design had to say below, and check out our special gallery of Toulon Design putters! Which, as Toulon himself explains, offer the best in creating a pure roll during the first first two feet of roll that is CRUCIAL to making a lot of putts.

VIDEO: Q&A with Callaway’s Sean Toulon

IMAGE GALLERY: Toulon Design putters

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