We review the TaylorMade P770 irons and P750 Tour Proto irons onsite at TaylorMade HQ

By Jon Levy

It hasn’t taken long for TaylorMade’s newest series of player’s clubs – the TaylorMade P770 irons and P750 irons – to make a splash on golf’s biggest stage.

After all, Si Woo Kim just won the Player’s Championship with a mixed bag of both models (P770 in 3-4 irons and P750 in 5-9), and other TaylorMade tour players are gaming the new designs in a big way as well.

But tour player performance is one thing. It’s the real-life performance of a new product that matters when we’re thinking of pulling the trigger on a new set of sticks.

So let’s delve into the new TaylorMade P770 irons and P750 irons with that in mind, and start by saying these clubs are nothing short of the real deal.

They look great. They feel great. And they’ve got the technology to back up my personal experience that they perform great, too.

Our In-Hand Review in Carlsbad at the Kingdom

To follow up our review of the 2017 TaylorMade M1 & M2 irons at TaylorMade Headquarters’ exclusive fitting center, the Kingdom, we continued our session with product designer, Tomo Bystedt, to dig into these new designs that are sure to appeal to those with a 15 handicap or less.

First a disclaimer: New equipment releases are of course one of golf’s greatest paradoxes – OEMs seemingly release yet another model promising new innovation and design, just when it seems like you’re finally getting used to your current clubs. Which, according to all the ads about the new product, at that point are obsolete.

A solid follow-up to their PSI series a couple of years earlier, however, none of this turnover frustration may matter after getting the P770 irons or P750 irons in your hands. Because these new clubs truly are nothing less than pure.

Here’s what you need to know for each model:

P770 Irons: Designed as a player’s club with added forgiveness. They employ a slightly larger head than the P750 irons, more weight where it counts to hit the ball higher, and are more forgiving on mishits. Retail starts at $1049.99.

P750 Tour Proto Irons: Designed as more of a true player’s club by definition. They have a smaller overall head and heel-to-toe length, geared to flight the ball lower, and are not as forgiving on mishits but more versatile in pulling off various shots on command. Retail is $1599.99.

As Bystedt explains in the video below, both models have a ton of technology packed into their compact heads, which make these clubs true keepers on top of their appealing looks and feel.

Here’s the full story on the new P770 irons and P750 Tour Proto irons from TaylorMade, and be sure to contact your local GOLFTEC to demo or purchase these clubs today!

VIDEO: TaylorMade P770 irons & P750 irons

Gallery: TaylorMade 770 irons & 750 irons

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