How a custom club fitting with GOLFTEC’s TECFIT dials in your equipment to play your best

By Jon Levy

Until a few years ago, the norm of purchasing golf equipment was to arbitrarily choose a standardized set from the wall of your local golf shop.

Unless you were a pro or one the few on the cutting edge of golf equipment technology, buying the right set of golf clubs was a controlled guess, at best.

No longer.

Today’s golf equipment landscape offers custom club fitting programs that provide complete personalization for every golfer. 

Today’s custom club fitting is led by data

Previous methods of club fitting focused on just a few adjustments with lie angle, club length and shaft flex that were often arbitrarily advised from a golfer’s physical attributes and swing speed.

But as technology has advanced, launch monitor systems now provide a data-driven platform that analyzes ball flight characteristics such as launch angle, spin rates, club and ball speeds and more to fully dial in a golfer’s equipment makeup like never before.

With these advancements, along with club component systems from most manufacturers that allow for a multitude of head and shaft adjustments on the fly, choosing the right golf equipment has never been easier.

But like many aspects of golf, it can be tough knowing where to start in creating your own arsenal of properly fit golf equipment.

Trust the half-engaged, 19-year-old kid at your local big box store to steer you right? Go overboard and drop a ton of money at a specialty shop to ensure you do?

It can feel like a choice between two opposing worlds with custom club fitting, so GOLFTEC is making sure that’s not the case.

GOLFTEC’s newly-enhanced TECFIT club fitting program – part of the company’s robust brand refresh project of 2017 – creates a detailed, systematic process that optimizes the most ideal equipment for each golfer’s unique swing and ball flight characteristics.


Custom club fitting with a GOLFTEC TECFIT

In the short video below, I talk with VP of Club Fitting & Merchandise, Mike Helfrich, to uncover how GOLFTEC’s TECFIT ensures the proper fit by recommending the most ideal clubheads, lofts, lies and shaft configurations for every golfer that goes through the system.

The TECFIT process, which is led by experienced GOLFTEC Certified Fitters, centers around advanced launch monitor technology, an extensive collection of club and shaft offerings built to the tightest of tolerances in GOLFTEC’s own build shop, and an unbiased recommendation of clubs sold at competitive, affordable prices.

In other words, the GOLFTEC TECFIT is a detailed system that bridges the gap between those previous two, often confusing worlds of custom club fitting.

Check out our Q&A below and contact your local GOLFTEC Training Center for more information.

VIDEO: GOLFTEC’s TECFIT Custom Club Fitting


Ready to purchase clubs? Schedule a TECFIT with a local GOLFTEC Coach today! 

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