BEST OF 2017: Taking a look back at our top five long game drills of the year on the GOLFTEC Scramble 

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We opened our ‘BEST OF 2017’ series with our Top 5 Equipment Stories and now return with some of our most popular drills to help golfers hit the ball longer, straighter and a LOT more consistent.

So without further adieu – since we can ALL use a little help with our ball striking – here are the top five long game drills on the GOLFTEC Scramble of 2017!

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BEST OF 2017: Top 5 Long Game Drills

5. Change knee flex for more distance

This effective offseason drill helps you create more turn in the backswing for more power. As host Brad Skupaka explains, this can be achieved by adjusting knee flex in the backswing and increasing shoulder tilt to match. Looking for a few more yards in 2018? Watch below.

4. The Wall Exercise to shorten backswing length

Backswings that are too long can cause issues in the downswing and affect the golfer’s ability to hit the ball consistently solid. Patrick Nuber addresses this issue with the Wall Exercise, which can help to shorten your backswing and go a long way to improving contact. While no walls were harmed in the making of this video, we do recommend you listen to Nuber’s disclaimer and use a wall that can handle it *if* you happen to hit it.

3. A drill to adjust low point and avoid fat golf shots

If you tend to be a repeat visitor to Chunksville, this one is right up your earth-before-ball alley. Patrick Nuber discusses how hip position, or hip sway, is a key factor of the ball-first contact you’re looking for. Translation: Your hips might not be positioned toward to target enough at impact and this drill can help!

2. A key downswing drill to stop slicing

What would this list be without a drill on slicing? If you still struggle with that not-so-pretty, “over-the-top” move and the dreadful slice, the No Hip Turn Downswing Drill might just be your ticket. It doesn’t promise a quick fix, by any means, but as Patrick Nuber explains you can finally rid your game of the slice with some dedicated time and practice to change this vital move in your downswing.

1. The Parallel to Parallel Drill for impact position

Our top long game drill of 2017 combines the trifecta of problem solving to help contact, direction and distance issues. While specifically targeting one of the most common flaws plaguing golfers – a bent lead arm and cupped wrist at the moment of truth – the Parallel to Parallel drill dials in key movements right before and after impact and help you hone in on the proper impact position like never before.

If you’re not sure if these tips are for you, find a GOLFTEC near you and talk to a Coach today!

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