As seen on Golf Channel: Instilling a bigger turn earlier in your backswing can reshape your ball striking skills

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Improve your turn to swing like a pro- backswingOK, so admittedly there are a few things separating the average golfer from a Tour pro. Insane putting stats, staggering approach shot averages and killer clubhead speed, just to name a few.

But when it comes to the swing itself, do you know what, specifically, sets your swing apart from the likes of a Justin Thomas or Rory McIlroy?

For many golfers, it’s shoulder and hip turn. Or, to be exact, a lack of it in your backswing.

Turn like a pro!

In the image below denoting a before-and-after comparison of a GOLFTEC student, the ‘Before’ swing on the left indicates a far less turn of the shoulders and hips (illustrated by the motion measurement numbers in red and yellow) compared to how the best players have been measured to swing.

Among many other issues, this limited amount of shoulder and hip turn can lead to the lack of distance and consistency plaguing many golfers.

Improve your turn to swing like a pro- before & after comparison

When compared to the ‘After’ swing on the right (shown in green numbers), the increased shoulder and hip turn this golfer is demonstrating – nearly 20 degrees at each point measured in the backswing – does wonders to create a longer backswing with more “depth.” It ultimately also encourages an “in-to-out” swing path, and more power and consistency.

How to turn more in the backswing

All swing adjustments begin with small steps to make what can seem like a huge change feel less uncomfortable.

To practice increasing shoulder and hip turn in your backswing, take your normal address position and slide your trail foot behind you about 12 inches and flare it out about 45 degrees.

While taking your backswing in this staggered position, you’ll be able to increase the turn of your hips as well as your shoulders. After a couple of practice swings using this setup, add a ball and slowly work into hitting full shots in the same manner.

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VIDEO: Improve Your Turn

In the video below, Patrick Nuber visits Golf Channel’s Morning Drive to explain how a proper turn in the backswing can help improve your ball striking.

Like all adjustments in the golf swing, this will take time and practice. So, as always, talk to a GOLFTEC Coach for more help!

If you’re not sure if this tip is for you, find a GOLFTEC near you and talk to a Coach today!

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