As seen on Golf Channel: Swing Expedition’s Chris Como goes inside GOLFTEC’s Headquarters to see how we’re revolutionizing the game

By Sabrina Naccarato

Tiger Woods’ former swing consultant, Chris Como, has a new show on the Golf Channel, and GOLFTEC was lucky enough to be one of the featured guests. The show, Swing Expedition, digs into the lives of PGA Tour players, coaches, and influencers around the golf industry. In this episode, host Chris Como dives into how GOLFTEC has become the world leader in golf instruction.

If you missed the airing of the episode on Golf Channel, no need to worry, we’re sharing multiple segments from Como’s visit to GOLFTEC headquarters.

In this first segment below, GOLFTEC’s VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater, takes Como through what the typical GOLFTEC student experiences at every lesson. Clearwater even breaks down his swing to see what a difference our technology can make.

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In this second segment of the show, Clearwater and Como discuss a GOLFTEC Club Fitting and equipment options. This can be such a simple miss for many golfers who think club fitting is just for the elite golfers.

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Clearwater and Como discuss the current state of golf and how the game could grow. Does it come down to lowering the National Handicap? They consider that and much more in this segment from Golf Channel’s Swing Expedition.

GOLFTEC CEO Joe Assell talks with Como on what it takes to become a great coach and how GOLFTEC provides a unique opportunity to do so. Later, Como heads to a GOLFTEC Center to see what goes into a club fitting at GOLFTEC by observing a fitting firsthand.

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The fifth segment in the show features Clearwater and Como discussing a GOLFTEC outdoor lesson and drills at Colorado Golf Club and more equipment options. Once the instruction is taught in a Center, it has to be translated to the golf course.

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Swing Expedition with Chris Como airs Mondays at 7 pm eastern on Golf Channel, and full episodes are available anytime on

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