We’re recapping the top five equipment stories of the past year on the GOLFTEC Scramble

By Sabrina Naccarato

It seems like every year equipment gets cooler and more advanced. And 2019 was no exception. This year we were introduced to Machine Learning, A.I., Speed Injection and really dug into how important club fitting truly is for all golfers.

Now as we wind the year down, we’re looking back at the top equipment articles of 2019 that made this year one for the record books when it came to innovation.

BEST OF 2019: Top 5 Equipment Stories

5. How to get more distance with irons

It’s not a secret an increase in distance is a huge advantage – and we’re not just talking about the driver. You get just as much of an edge by gaining iron distance. New tech in irons not only helps golfers hit the ball higher and straighter but get more distance out of each club, too. In our 5th Top Equipment story of 2019, Director of Teaching Quality, Zach Lambeck, discusses if you’re playing irons that are more than a few years old, you’re missing out on distance.

4. REVIEW: Ping G410 driver and woods

PING released its first driver model with moveable weights in 2019 with the PING G410. Moveable weights can shift GC and ball flight bias just slightly and can add unwanted overall weight into the head. Along with the moveable weights, PING added a removable 16-gram weight that can be set in a neutral, draw or fade position adds a new level of customization to an MOI monster.

3. REVIEW: Callaway Epic Flash driver & woods

Our 3rd Top Equipment story goes to the driver that made Machine Learning and A.I. common terms in the golf industry. The Callaway Epic Flash driver’s Flash Face was created from 15,000 different prototypes from the “super computer” which resulted in Callaway’s thinnest center of the face to date.

2. Want longer drives? A shorter driver shaft might be the key

Everyone wants to be longer off of the tee but some people might not realize that might require a driver with a shorter shaft. In our 2nd Top Equipment Story of 2019, VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater discusses how most pros actually have a shorter driver shaft than the standard off-the-rack driver and why most amateurs could benefit from shorter driver shafts as well.

1. REVIEW: TaylorMade M5 and M6 driver & woods

The top honor of Equipment Stories of 2019 goes to TaylorMade the M5 & M6 drivers. TaylorMade effectively figured out a way to make a face with more trampoline effect (CT or Characteristic Time) than what’s allowed by the rules of golf, then insert a resin behind the face through ports at the toe and heel to dial back the measurement until it falls within the stipulated guidelines.

BONUS: Forged vs. Cast Irons: Which are better for you?

Now we couldn’t just end our list without mentioning one of our favorite articles, even though it’s three years old! This article, knowing the differences between forged and cast irons is an oldie but goodie to read up on the next time you’re considering adding new irons to the bag.

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