We’re looking back at the top five instructional drills of 2019 on the GOLFTEC Scramble

By Sabrina Naccarato

Another year is almost in the books and hopefully, your golf game is in better shape than it was this time last year thanks to some helpful tips on the GOLFTEC Scramble. We’ve covered some pretty awesome stuff this past year, from tips for increasing your distance off of the tee, to sharpening up your short game.

And as we tie a bow on the year and the decade, we’re revisiting the top five instructional articles that helped you and many other golfers play their best golf in 2019.

BEST OF 2019: Top 5 Instructional Drills

5. Make more putts by sharpening up your green reading

If you struggled on the greens in 2019 due to misreading your line, this is the drill for you. There are many different techniques out there to help sharpen up your skills on the green and VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater is sharing a couple of these in our 5th Top Instructional Drill of 2019.

4. 3 keys to create a good golf swing

From the professional tours to your local muni league, every golf swing out there is unique. However, there are more common elements between them than you’d think. In our 4th Top Instructional Drill of 2019, Nick Clearwater demonstrates even though the appearance of every swing is different, there are three key elements that create a solid golf swing.

3. Hit your driver like Rickie Fowler with this simple drill

We know the pros are good and they can hit the ball a long way. So, if we average Joes want to get on the “hitting bombs” train, what do we need to do? Take some tips from their swings, of course. In the 3rd Top Instructional Drill of 2019, we’re looking at Rickie Fowler’s swing to help hit longer and straighter drives off of the tee.

2. Improve contact with this chipping tip

How many times were you faced with an up-and-down to save par this year? Probably more than you would have liked. In our 2nd Top Instructional Drill of 2019, Nick Clearwater shares a drill you can practice in 90 seconds to help perfect your chipping and make getting up-and-down a breeze.

1. Fix your ‘chicken wing’ for a better angle of attack

Golf can be unpredictable, especially when you have an iron in your hand. A lot of that can be the result of a bad angle of attack, due to that dang chicken wing. Gracing the top of our Best Instructional Drills of 2019, Nick Clearwater demonstrates how you can improve your iron contact and predictability by saying goodbye to your chicken wing.

BONUS! GOLFTEC: A Company Founded by a PGA Professional

This year, we’re shaking things up and adding a little bonus article! Nearly 25 years ago, Joe Assell, a Mississippi State PGA Golf Management intern and aspiring PGA Professional, was introduced to a computer that would change his life forever.

If you’re not sure if these tips are for you, find a GOLFTEC near you and talk to a Coach today!

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