Yes, everyone has a different swing; however, many of our students struggle with common golf problems

By Sabrina Naccarato

Our Coaches analyze hundreds of different types of swings every single week. All are as unique as each golfer who walks through our doors; however, there are a few commonalities our Coaches see when students first seek instruction. Ranging from golfers trying to swing too fast, inconsistent contact, and the dreadful out-to-in swing path that leads to a slice, they are the root of the problem, and the cause of the swing faults frustrating these golfers.

Seeing these common issues every single day, our Coaches are very good at correcting them quickly. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Let’s hear from the experts themselves on what they’d do if a student walked into a GOLFTEC Training Center struggling with a common issue.

If there’s any Coach that has seen his fair share of everyday struggles, it’s GOLFTEC Grand Rapids Center Manager and 2019-20 Golf Digest ‘Best Teacher in Your State’ in Michigan, Ian Hughes.

The GOLFTEC Coach of 19 years, addresses how poor contact is a common struggle that leads to many frustrations. Ian also demonstrates how he helps his students correct this particular problem.

Contact is a big deal and a big miss for some golfers, as GOLFTEC Westshore Regional Manager and 2019-20 Golf Digest ‘Best Teacher in Your State’ recipient in Florida, Steve Lippincott, continues Ian’s argument.

Steve often sees golfers come into his Center who want to smash the ball and do crazy things to create power.

This alone will alter how the golfer will contact the ball. Check out how Steve teaches his students to slow down and make contact the priority.

This common issue probably won’t surprise you, the dreaded slice. GOLFTEC Westminister Center Manager and 2019-20 Golf Digest ‘Best Teacher in Your State’ in Colorado, Nathan Morris, discusses how many of his students come to him seeking help with eliminating their slice.

Nathan demonstrates that one of the leading causes of a slice is due to an out-to-in swing path or ‘cutting across’ the ball.

See how Nathan slows down the cause and effect of a slice and gets down to the root of this common issue.

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