Even the smallest adjustments can lead to the biggest breakthroughs

By TJ Knapp

Every now and then something just clicks. Everyone who has played golf has been there – or is striving to get there. It could happen amid a range session, while you’re on the course, or it could happen inside a GOLFTEC center with one of our many fantastic coaches. I’m talking about that “ah ha!” moment. That moment when you finally figure out how to eradicate a problem in your game. For me, this moment occurred in my college years when I finished playing baseball and I finally figured out how to get rid of that wretched slice. For our Coaches, watching their students have their “ah ha!” moments is an incredibly rewarding experience, and it happens all the time and some of our Coaches are sharing their stories.

Clean contact is something that every golfer craves. You’ll always be leaving distance on the table if you can’t find the center of the clubface. Golf Digest ‘Best Teacher in Your State’ winner, PGA Master Professional and Director of Instruction at GOLFTEC Woodbridge, Brian Gussis shares with us how he helped one of his students stop hitting the ground, and start hitting the ball.

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There are numerous ways to gain distance in your golf game. Sometimes it requires a serious swing change, an upgrade in equipment, or just a simple tip. Golf Digest ‘Best Teacher in Your State’ recipient and Certified Personal Coach at GOLFTEC Spokane, Josh McKinley shows us how for one of his students, a simple change was all it took to pick up some yards.

A common mistake golfers make when trying to hit the ball further is trying to swing harder. However, this is rarely the solution. Golf Digest ‘Best Teacher in Your State’ recipient, PGA Master Professional, and Center Manager at GOLFTEC Oak Brook, TJ Sullivan shows us how that is not the best way to solve a distance problem.

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