GOLF Magazine and released their Top Clubfitters list in North America for 2020

By Sabrina Naccarato

Receiving any industry top honor is always exciting. From Golf Digest Best Teacher in Your State to GOLF’s Top 50 Clubfitter in North America, we’re always privileged to be recognized for the hard work of our Coaches across the country. And as the importance of club fitting is becoming more prevalent, we’re thrilled that not only golfers are starting to realizing the need for custom fit clubs but we’re being identified as one of the top places for that much-needed service.

Our club fitting process is unique, kind of like the swings of our students. When someone comes in for a fitting, we have them hit their current set of clubs to create a baseline or benchmark to test new clubs against. Then comes the best part.

GOLFTEC is partnered with the top golf club manufacturers including Callaway, TaylorMade, Mizuno, PING, and Titleist so golfers get to hit the brand new products from these top vendors. We have the newest equipment readily available for our fittings because we’re confident the latest technology in these products is only going to help.

Our certified club fitters use data from launch monitors and our own club fitting software – TECFIT – to dial in what the golfer needs in terms of clubheads, shafts, weight settings, you name it. This combination of fitter and technology, an understanding of your swing and ball flight tendencies, provides a unique view of what club is the best for any golfer.

And we don’t have any average joe running our fittings. Every new hire who comes through GTU – GOLFTEC’s Training University – is not only certified as a Coach but as a Club Fitter as well.

The testing is hands-on and comprehensive, including a rigorous final testing process they must pass (pass = 90%) in order to be certified.

We also recertify Coaches annually to reflect any new technologies, products, and techniques. Failing at any step of this process means they cannot perform club fittings until they pass and become recertified. So you’re certain to be fit by the best of the best at GOLFTEC.

We’re proud of these awards, our technology, and our Coaches but we’re most impressed by the results of our students. In 2019, GOLFTEC conducted over 34K club fittings. Of those thousands of fittings, a majority of our students have seen huge gains in distance, ball speed, and accuracy.

And of the golfers who didn’t gain distance, most were focusing on accuracy. They benefited from a tighter dispersion which results in more accuracy. Our Coaches give hundreds of fittings across the world every single day and as you can see from the picture to the right, the smile on our student’s faces just says it all.

Being named to GOLF’s Top 50 Clubfitters in North America list is quite the honor and we pride ourselves in being one of the best in the industry. If you want to see what it’s like to be fit into the perfect clubs by the best of the best, schedule a fitting today.

If you’re ready to purchase clubs, schedule a club fitting at a local GOLFTEC  today! 

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