Check out how a club fitting and the right equipment can make a difference in your game with these great tips that were featured on the Golf Channel

By CJ Perry

Not only can new equipment help improve your game, but also ensuring that new equipment is properly fit to your swing can take that improvement one step farther. As a former GOLFTEC Coach, I’d see a lot of students purchase clubs the wrong way. They either had “hand-me-down” clubs, clubs purchased from the internet, or off the rack from a retailer. They would purchase this equipment without going through a club fitting and I would see first hand how this equipment would create a barrier in their game improvement.

Below are several tips we’ve featured on the Golf Channel that’ll help you understand why combining new equipment with a proper club fitting can help take your game to the next level.

Upgrading your equipment can upgrade your game

Finding the proper iron style to fit your level of play

GOLFTEC Student improved his game with club fitting and new equipment

How new wedges can help your short game

If you want to check out some more great tips like these, click here to watch all of our Golf Channel segments.

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