Be the long bomber in your group just like the guys on tour with these simple tips

By Sabrina Naccarato

There are a lot of things the PGA Tour pros do that have us weekend warriors watching in pure envy. Like laser-accurate approach shots and finding the bottom of the cup from 10-feet away with ease. But maybe one of the things we’re the most jealous of comes from their tee shots. The amount of power these guys generate with their drivers is absolutely insane but not impossible for amateurs to achieve.

Tips from the Tour pros

If there are two Tour players we could look to for advice on hitting the ball a million miles, it’d be Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy. They are are some of the longest hitters on Tour and it’s not by chance. Each do very unique things throughout their swings to create power and obliterate the ball.

Looking at DJ, in the backswing, he has a pretty dramatic change in knee flex to help increase his hip and shoulder turn. This will generate a lot of power into the downswing. Switching gears and looking at Rory, he produces a massive amount of power after he hits the ball. This happens in the follow-through, he’ll straighten his knees as much as he can and begin to bend himself backward. This aids Rory in his swing speed and momentum.

Both of these moves separately will create a great amount of power and will help increase distance off of the tee but combining them will generate the kind of speed and power you’ve been missing. Of course, integrating anything new into your swing will feel odd at first but after a little time and practice, you’ll be smashing your driver just like DJ and Rory.

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