Master the high greenside shot and learn to stop your ball when there’s not much room to the pin

By Sabrina Naccarato

Picture this- you hit your approach shot into the green and it’s tracking real nice. The ball hits the green but unfortunately rolls off and now you’re facing an up and down shot to save par. But when you find your ball just off of the green, you realize there’s hardly any room between you and the pin, making the shot much tougher than you originally imagined.

So how are you going to get this ball up and out of the rough, land quick and not roll it a mile past the pin? We have a couple of tips to help you out of this exact scenario.

Building out your greenside armory

By no means is this an easy shot but to be proficient around the green, you have to have an arsenal of different wedge shots because as we all know, golf never serves us the same shot twice. In the video above, Director of Teaching Quality, Patrick Nuber, shares five steps to execute this tricky shot.

Hit the high greenside shot

Club Choice

  • Choose your highest lofted wedge

At Address

  • Play the ball slightly more towards the lead foot
  • Lean the shaft back towards the trail foot

Follow Through

  • Bend the back of your lead wrist to point back towards you
  • Ensure the clubs face point towards you

There’s no doubt this is a tough shot to execute and it will require some practice just to get the feel of the swing. But after a few times out at the local short game practice area, having this shot up your sleeve will be an absolute game-changer the next time you find yourself needing to stop the ball quickly on the green.

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