Eight GOLFTEC Coaches from across the country receive top honors from Golf Digest

By Sabrina Naccarato

Through a year amidst a global pandemic, civil unrest, and a whole slew of other life-altering events, it’s difficult to think that golf made a huge impact but it provided so many with just a little taste of normalcy that we were all seeking. We can give the credit to the game itself but when looking internally, there was something else that helped golf become a safe haven- it was the Coaches. Our Coaches battled through closed Training Centers, adapting to Virtual Lessons and re-learning how to teach golf in a socially distance world- all while keeping the goal the same- helping people play better golf.

We couldn’t give our Coaches enough credit for what they accomplished during a painfully difficult year and every single one of them made an impact on at least one of their students. But on top of all of that, eight of our GOLFTEC Coaches have been named to the Golf Digest 2021-22 ‘Best Young Teachers in America’ list. Receiving this nod any other year is an amazing honor in itself but earning this achievement in a year no one in this lifetime has experienced before, is something else.

Take a look at the eight GOLFTEC Coaches who’ve graced this prestigious list as we get a small sneak peek into their coaching and how they share their knowledge with their students and beyond.

Golf Digest 2021-22 ‘Best Young Teachers in America’ from GOLFTEC

Patrick Nuber
Director of Teaching Quality
GOLFTEC Headquarters

Brad Skupaka
Director of Teaching Quality
GOLFTEC Headquarters

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