From improving the golf games of staffers, to diving into the journys of longtime GOLFTEC Students and instructional tips, shares these stories and everything in between

By Sabrina Naccarato

Over the past year, our partners at have shared a ton of content ranging from instructional tips to help improve your golf game to following along with staff as they attempt to sharpen up their own golf games. Check out just a few of the many features from and continue to keep an eye out for more content heading your way soon!

Room for Improvement Game Improvement Editor, Luke Kerr-Dineen, visited our Stamford location in Connecticut to work on his golf swing, and get some help returning to the world of competitive golf. See his episode of Room for Improvement.

For many years Josh Berhow played few rounds of golf and rarely hit the driving range, and as a result, his game suffered. Instead of dealing with a mediocre game, he took to GOLFTEC in Minneapolis and Coach Nike Pelle for a swing revamp. See his episode of Room for Improvement.’s Jessica Marksbury is a former college golfer whose golf game has taken a back seat over the past couple of years. She visits GOLFTEC North Scottsdale to get her game back on track. Watch Jessica’s episode of Room for Improvement.

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Swing Stories

Five years ago, GOLFTEC Student and college standout, Cami Culp, had never swung a club. After hard work with her GOLFTEC Coach, Josh McKinely, Cami earned a high school varsity letter, then got a couple of college tournament wins under her belt- but her golf journey is just getting started.

Before GOLFTEC, the good news for Harry Francis was that he was able to play the game he loves at some of the most historic courses all over the world. The bad news? His scores. See how his game changed with the help of his Coach in this edition of’s Swing Stories.

How did this once single-digit handicap golfer turned serial slicer finally get his game back? Our friends at share the golf journey of GOLFTEC Student, Brendan Hegarty.

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Play Smart

In this article, Luke Kerr-Dineen picks the mind of GOLF Top 100 Teacher, Nick Clearwater, on why tilting in the backswing is just as (or more) important than anything for making a solid golf swing that’ll produce consistent golf shots. See why shoulder tilt is such an important key in the best golf swings.

Nick Clearwater explains that tilt is an important factor not only in the backswing but also in the downswing. In this Play Smart article, Clearwater explains why this one movement separates higher and lower handicap players.

In this edition of Play Smart, Nick Clearwater explains how the best golfers bend backward in their follow-through, which actually helps increase swing speed, shallows the angle of attack, and improves a host of other issues along the way.

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How to Hit Every Shot

In this episode of How to Hit Every Shot, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Lou Guzzi shows how to escape a bad bunker lie.

In this episode of How to Hit Every Shot, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Lou Guzzi explains how to get out of a jam when Mother Nature presents an obstacle, presented by GOLFTEC.

In this episode of How to Hit Every Shot, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Lou Guzzi shares what to do when a fairway is, unfortunately, a bad place to land, presented by GOLFTEC.

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