Hitting Draws and “Baby Fades” with Tour Pro Rachel Drummond

In this edition of Call Your Shot, GOLFTEC’s Nick Clearwater is joined by Ladies European Tour Player Rachel Drummond to talk about hitting different shot shapes. During a round of golf there are different situations that call for hitting a shot that curves either left or right, say for example, when you find yourself behind a tree. If you’ve ever faced something like this, Rachel has a quick adjustment for you to make, so you can get out of trouble and back into play. As always, be sure to practice these shots on the range or during your practice sessions at GOLFTEC first to get comfortable with them before bringing them to the course.

Work on Set Up to Hit Draws or Fades

For Rachel, hitting a draw or a fade simply starts with her set up. She begins by moving the ball position either back or forward in her stance. For a draw she moves the ball back a little bit, which enables her to catch the ball while the club is still moving in-to-out. This puts draw sidespin on the ball.

In the video, Nick challenges her to hit a fade, so she starts by moving the ball forward in her stance. And when she does move it forward it is only about a ball forward, nothing too dramatic. This promotes hitting the ball when the clubface is a little bit more open at impact.

As for her swing, she also tries to keep the clubface more open on the follow through. Instead of rotating, she lets her body and clubface remain passive through the swing.

The last thing she does is have her feet slightly open in her stance when she addresses the ball. These few simple adjustments help her execute the perfect “baby fade.”

Rachel focuses on set up, ball position and clubface on the follow through to help her shape shots.

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