Try This Drill To Increase Lag In Your Backswing

By Ryan Gager

There aren’t too many parts of Ladies European Tour player Rachel Drummond’s game that need work. But, she does have one tendency that she fights – losing lag. What is lag? It’s the golf club trailing or lagging behind your hands as it moves through your downswing. When you lose lag you can come into the ball too steep and either hit the shot fat, or in Rachel’s case, too thin. She demonstrates a drill for GOLFTEC’s Nick Clearwater that works for her to increase lag in this edition of Fix My Fault. Also, view the full article As Seen On

Rachel’s 3-Step Process to Increase Lag

  1. On the range Rachel uses alignment sticks to help guide her path and get it a little more to the right, since her tendency is to go left.

  1. On the course with no alignment sticks it’s all about feel. Rachel tries to feel what she’s practiced on the range and visualize the shot she wants to hit.

  1. Nick gives Rachel a key thought – feel like the butt end of the club is as far forward as you can into impact.

If you are having trouble with lag in your backswing like Rachel was, or just want to have your swing looked at, stop in to GOLFTEC today and talk with a local Coach. Our expert Coaches will correct your swing flaws and have you playing your best golf!

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