Is It Time To Replace Your Long Irons With Hybrids Or Woods?

By Ryan Gager

What do the long clubs at the top end of your bag look like? Are you still trying to muscle long irons to the green? Are you going with a driving iron, hybrid or wood? Some golfers are purists when it comes to long irons and the traditional bag make up. GOLFTEC’s Nick Clearwater is here to explain his philosophy when it comes to the long clubs.

Nick’s Rule of Sole Width

To start with, grab your 7-iron from your current set and do a quick measurement of the sole of the club with your fingers. Then look at your long club options and the width of those soles.

Nick’s rule is that you shouldn’t be playing a long club that has thinner sole than your 7-iron. This eliminates all traditional 3, 4 and 5-irons and may eliminate some driving irons as well.

Instead, opt for a hybrid, which Nick demonstrates are easier to hit, carry good distances and launch higher than traditional long irons, which helps them land softer and hold greens. Even Tour Pros have been putting hybrids in their bags for these reasons.

Nick says a good rule is for your long clubs to have a wider sole width than your 7-iron.

To have your bag analyzed, come in to your local GOLFTEC. Not only will we get you fit for the best equipment for your game, we also will provide a gapping analysis. A gapping analysis, especially at the top of the bag, is important so you have all your distances covered and have the right club to reach the green from every yardage on the course. Work with a GOLFTEC Coach to gain confidence with the clubs at the top of your bag and play your best golf!

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