Professional Golfer Hannah Gregg Visits for an Iron Fitting

By Ryan Gager

Think about the irons you’re playing right now. Were they custom fit for you and your game? If not, you could be leaving distance, accuracy and forgiveness on the table. In this edition of Club Explorers, GOLFTEC’s Brad Skupaka takes Professional Golfer Hannah Gregg through a complete iron fitting. From choosing the right clubhead, to matching it with right shaft for her swing, the video gives great insight into what a club fitting at GOLFTEC looks like. See the results for yourself and think about how much better your numbers could be with a fitting at GOLFTEC!

Identifying The Issues With Current Clubs

When you come in for a fitting at GOLFTEC, we start by talking to you about your current clubs. What do you like about them and what don’t you like?

There could be several variables – you might need more distance, more forgiveness, higher launch, lower launch, more spin, etc. Getting an overview of your game and clubs helps our Coaches guide you toward clubs that fit your game.

Hannah would like to get more height on her shots so that she will be able to hold greens better on her approach shots. Brad notices that her launch numbers and backspin are low.

In fitting her for new irons, he is hoping to increase her spin rate and increase her launch angle, which will result in a greater decent angle and help her hold more greens.

Looking at the three metrics of Back Spin, Launch Angle and Decent Angle, we can see that Hannah needs a slight improvement to get into the green sections

Testing New Clubs and Reviewing The Data

Hannah has been playing Mizuno clubs for several years and wants to stick with the brand. Her current set is the Mizuno JPX 919 Forged. So Brad has her try out the 2022 line including the Mizuno Pro 223 and 225 lines.

Brad tests different clubhead and shaft combinations, ultimately sticking with a similar shaft to what Hannah was already playing, but upgrading the clubhead to the Mizuno Pro 225.

Hannah was able to maintain her current ball speed and increase her launch angle, spin rate and decent angle. Check out the video to see just how much she improved!

Testing different clubhead and shaft combinations, Hannah is able to find the perfect club for her game that produces optimal numbers

The final step in a GOLFTEC club fitting is to confirm the correct clubhead, shaft and grip combination. We will make sure the shaft is the correct weight, stiffness and length. All clubs are delivered to the GOLFTEC Center and we will notify you to come pick them up when they are ready. Upon pick up, we will have you hit some shots with the new club(s) in-Center to make sure everything is correct. Don’t wait another minute, fill out the form and schedule your club fitting today!

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